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Our gallery provides a glimpse into our nurturing and supportive environment, where students of all ages can pursue their artistic dreams. Photographs of group performances highlight the camaraderie and teamwork that flourish within our dance and piano classes. Smiles, laughter, and applause are frozen in time, preserving the shared experiences and joyous moments that our students cherish.

As you walk through our gallery, you’ll be inspired by the dedication and determination radiating from each photograph. The walls are adorned with images that depict the transformative power of music and dance, reminding us of the countless hours of practice, the challenges overcome, and the triumphs achieved.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a budding dancer, or simply an appreciator of the arts, our Piano and Dance Classes Gallery offers a visual feast that celebrates the beauty, passion, and creativity that thrive with MaxHusky.

Dance Performance

Barre Class for Adults

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Kids Ballet

Vogue Classes

Hip Hop Kids

Indian Contemporary Dance

Jive Class for Adults

Kids Ballet

Latino Dance

Warm up & Stretching

Kan Kan Dance

Piano Performance

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Piano Kids

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