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Class Schedule

Class Fees

Classic Piano Tuition
Piano Lessons from Beginner to Professional


RM 360
  • Typically takes 6 months for each beginner level - 2 levels (Package x10 $100)

Grades 1-3

RM 300
  • Typically takes 9 month per grade level

Grades 4-6

RM 300
  • Typically takes 12 month per Grade Level

Ballet & Tap Tuition
Ages 5 to 16

Group activities

(45 mins)
RM 135

Private 1:1

(55 mins)
RM 300

Ballet Group Club

10 Classes (Plus 11th free)
RM 1350

Dancing for Fun and Exercise
Ages from 3

Zumba Kids (Ages 3-12)

(45 mins)
RM 90Per Session
  • Group Activity Package
    $35 per session (45 mins)

International Zumba

RM 150Per Session
  • Group Activity (45mins)
    (10 Sessions for $450)

Hip Hop

(45 mins)
RM 120Per Session
  • Group Activity Package single $45

Zumba Gold

(45 mins)
RM 135Per Session
  • Group Activity

Funky Confidence Dance

(45 mins)
RM 300Per Session
  • Private

Adult Dance Lesson Fees
Ballet Adult Tuition
Ages 16 onwards

Ballet (Group Activity)

(45 mins)
RM 150Per Lesson

Private 1:1 Lesson

(55 mins)
RM 360Per Lesson

Ballet Group Club

10 Classes (Plus 11th free)
RM 135010 Lessons

Barre & Burn Calories

Beginner Class (Group Activity)

(45 mins)
RM 150Per Session

Barre & Burn Club

RM 1350For 10 Lessons

Wedding Dance

Private Class

(1 hour)
RM 360Per Session

Photography Lessons
Portfolio Creation For you and your Family

Personal Photography

Typically 2 – 3 hours
RM 750Per Hour

Family Photography

2-hour session
RM 1050Per Hour

Kids Portfolio

Capture your children’s special unforgettable moments
RM 900

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